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5-Dr. Joseph Pinzone - Hyperthermia Treatment for Cancer

May 17, 2022 Ivelisse Page with Dr. Joseph Pinzone Season 1 Episode 5
Believe Big Podcast
5-Dr. Joseph Pinzone - Hyperthermia Treatment for Cancer
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Have you heard of Hyperthermia as a form of cancer treatment?  Do you know how it can help in the battle against solid cancer tumors?  Would you like to know what cancer types are best treated with Hyperthermia according to research?  Does it work with chemotherapy and radiation?  Can it be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies?

Learn all about Hyperthermia from world-renowned expert Dr. Joseph Pinzone, MD of the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, CA.  He will answer these questions and more in this episode of the Believe Big Podcast.

Join me as we take time to learn more, to be more as our own advocate!

Connect with Dr. Joseph Pinzone at the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute:

What is your favorite health tip?
What is Hyperthermia?
Can you explain the difference between whole-body hyperthermia and localized hyperthermia procedures?
What cancers are hyperthermia treatments most effective with?
How does hyperthermia work in conjuntion with other treatments patients may be receiveing (ie: chemotherapy, radiation)?
If someone chooses not to do conventional treatements, would hyperthermia be effective with integrative therapies like mistletoe?
Can you explain what the process is for a patient that contacts your office for hyperthermia treatment?
Is Hyperthermia covered by insurance because it is FDA approved?
Can you walk us through a typical treatment of Hyperthermia?
How long is each session?
Is there a patient's story that stands out for you?