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6 - Overcoming Emotional Trauma - Suzy Griswold

May 24, 2022 Ivelisse Page Season 1 Episode 6
Believe Big Podcast
6 - Overcoming Emotional Trauma - Suzy Griswold
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Our emotional and mental states are as important to our healing as our physical state. 

Join me as I speak with Suzy Griswold about 

  • Life Trauma
  • Toxic Thoughts
  • Soul Wounds
  • and ultimately the Gift of Forgiveness

 Suzy shares her personal testimony of healing from cancer and early life traumas in this episode.  You won't want to miss how her experience can lead you to healing thoroughly in your journey.

Connect with Suzy Griswold's Healing Strong Community:
Healing Strong website

Suggested Resource Links:

What is your favorite health tip?
Can you share with us a little bit of your personal childhood story?
What did you do heal from your toxic beliefs during your cancer journey?
Take your thoughts captive
How did God help you uproot the toxic memories in your life so you could heal?
Did you feel differently after these inner-healing sessions of overcoming your trauma?
Family Motto: We are an imperfect family serving a perfect savior
Did you experience fear and anxiety in the middle of your journey, and how did you overcome that?
Visual Healing: Can you explain, what is visual healing?
Purging material things for space and more joy
How do you share with people who question God and His Word?
Love is a choice, accepting God's Love