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3 -Kevin McDowell - Cancer Patient to Olympian!

May 03, 2022 Ivelisse Page with Kevin McDowell Season 1 Episode 3
Believe Big Podcast
3 -Kevin McDowell - Cancer Patient to Olympian!
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Can you imagine training to be a world-class athlete at the tender age of 18 and discovering at the height of your training that you have cancer?    Can you imagine putting those Olympic dreams on hold or possibly away forever to deal with chemotherapy and/or radiation?

That's exactly what happened to Kevin McDowell during his senior year of high school  as he was preparing for Triathlon races that would qualify him for the Olympic Games.

Kevin's story is one of HOPE.  Kevin is not only a cancer overcomer, but he is also a seven-time World Cup medalist and recently he won a silver medal in the 2021 Olympics!  Join me as Kevin discusses how he battled cancer and kept his Olympic dreams alive!

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What is your favorite health tip?
How did you find out you had cancer and what you experienced with that diagnosis?
How did it make you feel being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18?
Battling cancer and visualizing being an Olympian
Did you experience a certain level of fear and anxiety during your cancer journey?
Kevin's "why" after years of healing
Cancer patient Natalie from Iowa City
What are the top 3 things that helped you get back to your pre-cancer level of health and fitness?
What did you do differently to prepare for the races once you were cancer-free?
Do you think you were trying to be more positive for your parents or trying to tell yourself you were going to be okay?
Do you think your faith played a role during that time in your life?
How did it feel to know you were going to be an Olympian when the time came?
What was it like to participate in the Olympics?
What's next for Kevin McDowell?
What advice or encouragement could you give to someone today in the middle of their fight?