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4 - Reduce Your Toxic Load - Dr. Halie Schoff

May 09, 2022 Ivelisse Page Season 1 Episode 4
Believe Big Podcast
4 - Reduce Your Toxic Load - Dr. Halie Schoff
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What do you really know about detoxing?  Can detoxing truly improve your health and well-being?  Is it possible to detox without spending a ton of money to do it?

Believe it or not, removing toxins from your body can be simple and inexpensive!  Learn about grounding, dry-brushing, sweating and other ways to help your body function optimally.

Join me  as I discuss detoxing with Dr. Halie Schoff and demystify some of the benefits detoxing can have for your health.  Dr. Halie will discuss a variety of ways you can help you body reduce inflammation, improve your sleep,  lower your heart rate and much more.

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What is your favorite health tip?
Why should we take our shoes and socks off to touch the grass?
What are some of the reasons we need to detox?
For people who struggle to sweat, what would you suggest fo them to try and do to detox better?
Are there any good introductory infrared systems for someone who wants to try it but cannot afford the more expensive ones?
How are castor-oil packs helpful for detoxing?
What is the optimal time to keep the castor-oil pack on?
How does fasting help the body to detox?
Autophagy - definition
Should women be concerned with intermittent fasting and their menstrual cycle?
Detoxing post-chemotherapy: is exercise the best detoxing method?
Based on your personal experience, what is your best advice for a patient and for a caregiver in the midst of their cancer journey?