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2 - Have Cancer? Unsure of what to eat? - Jess Higgins Kelly

April 25, 2022 Ivelisse Page Season 1 Episode 2
Believe Big Podcast
2 - Have Cancer? Unsure of what to eat? - Jess Higgins Kelly
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Are you or someone you know going through a cancering process and unsure of what you should be eating? Are you confused by the many cancer diets out there and want some great insight on how to approach nutrition? In today's episode, you will get the answers to those questions and more!

Jess Higgins Kelly is a Master Nutrition Therapist, and Oncology Nutrition Consultant. For over a decade, Jess has had extensive experience working with cancer and chronic illness clients from around the globe.

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What is your favorite health tip?
METABOLIC NUTRITION: What exactly is Metabolic Nutrition?
WEIGHT GAIN (for patients): What are some healthy, easy options to help patients keep weight on?
DIET CHANGES: What tips can you share from that guide to help patients incorporate changes into their diet?
Ivelisse discusses diet suggestions she was given after her diagnosis.
DIET TYPE: What diet (vegan, keto, plant-based, protein-based, etc.) do you say is best?
REMISSION NUTRITION: Walk us through what a patient would experience if they called you (Remission Nutrition) for help?
SUGAR: What strategies have you found with patients that help them overcome that sugar addiction?
FASTING: What tools have you found to teach patients to help their treatments work better for them?
INHIBITING CANCER CELLS: What nutritional changes affect the cancer cells for patients?
CLOSING: Can you leave us with some things we can do today to improve our health?